LIVE: OCOTILLO (Kirsty McGee [UK] & Robert Garson [US]) – Songs from the City and the Desert

Kirsty McGee und Robert Garson sind Ocotillo (OCK-A-TEE-OH)

Mit Einflüssen von Louis Armstrong und anderen Größen des Genre, sowie eine große Liebe für das „Great American Songbook“, wird McGees Stimme als ‚eine Textur von Samt und Rauch‘ beschrieben. Ihr Song ‚Sandman‘ wurde durch Danny Boyles Film ‚Trance‘ weltbekannt. Robert Garson, geboren in Arkansas, dessen musikalische Wurzeln dem ‚Bluegrass‘, und ‚Rythm and Blues‘ entstammen, verbindet die tiefgehenden Rythmen der Roadhouses, von Bakersfield bis New Orleans.

With influences ranging from Louis Armstrong to Lhasa de Sela, Mulatu Astatke and Sister Rosetta Tharpe and a great love of the Great American Songbook, McGee’s own voice has been described as having the texture of ‘smoke and velvet’. Her ever-evolving, soulful sound has been described as ‘filmic, joyful and dirty with hints of gospel and blues’ and she continues to produce music that is hard to categorise but difficult to ignore.

Kirsty McGee [UK]
UK songwriter Kirsty McGee is best known for her song ‘Sandman’, which featured in Danny Boyle’s film Trance (2013). Through 14 years and 7 albums she has toured relentlessly, fronting the award winning Hobopop Collective. Her sound is joyful, gentle and dusty with hints of gospel, 30s jazz and old vinyl blues. Her 2014 album Those Old Demons features Tom Waits’ sideman Marc Ribot. Hers is a smoky velvet voice and a reputation for delivering the kind of rare, honest & memorable performances that stick in the heart & mind like gossamer cactus spikes.

Robert Garson [US]
Robert Garson was born in Arkansas and raised in the San Joaquin Valley in central California where his folks danced to Merle Haggard and Buck Owens performing at the Big Fresno Barn. He now resides in the high desert of Southern California near Joshua Tree where after years of backing others on guitar, pedal steel, mandolin and vocals he formed his own band, Beautiful Shotgun as an all-terrain vehicle to deliver his original songs. Steeped in the traditions of country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues, he marries ancient and new lyric sensibility to the deep grooves heard in roadhouses from Bakersfield to New Orleans.



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