Live: Travis Is A Tourist & Owen McGarry (Nordirland) – Singer/Songwriter

European Tour Poster Travis Is A Tourist & Owen McGarry

Travis is a Tourist

TIAT 2Travis is a Tourist is the nom de plume for a barely 20 something from Northern Ireland called Travis Gilbert. The tourist spirit has already seen him take trips to Nashville to write (twice), to Austin to perform (playing with SxSW artists, patio and porch shows), and closer to home; gigs at Liverpool Sound City, as well as in bars, clubs and living rooms of friends and fellow restless spirits, across the UK and Ireland

Travis has spent his time trying to capture the previous 12months of travelling and has done so in the form of his – follow up to eponymous EP – ‘Weakdays‘

Owen McGarry

OWEN 2Owen McGarry has had a passion for music from a very early age. Enjoying the sounds of acoustic, electronic and rhythmic percussive music. Having learnt to play guitar, drums and keyboard at an early age, he started playing in public by busking with his guitar on the streets of Belfast and honing his natural vocal skills.

He progressed to playing in local clubs and pubs and has subsequently toured extensively in the UK and beyond – as far away as Hollywood CA.

‚This. Is. Huge. Owen McGarry – who we knew had a knack for writing big songs – has gone to the next level with ‘Perfect Then’. Strings, glorious harmonies, Owen’s pleading vocal and enormous guitars gang up, to make your jaw drop.‘ Across the Line, BBC Radio Ulster, on the single ‚Perfect Then’

28.11.2015 – 20.30 • Eintritt frei!

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